French Inspired My Singing Monsters Decoration

Decorations in My Singing Monsters could be bought from the Market and used to decorate your island. This in turn, could increase the happiness of the monsters living in it. As your monsters are surrounded with decorations inspired by French, their happiness levels increase depending on the set range. All these decorations can be had…

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paris at night

12 Must-See Places in Paris

Guide to Having a Perfect Night in Paris Ever dreamt of a vacation with your loved one with none other than the city of love? Where else would you go other than the romantic city of Paris? If you get the chance to go there, make sure that you plan well what to do and…

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The Famous and Fabulous Clubs in France

France is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. This country is known to have a very colorful culture as well as penchant for high fashion and designer clothing. There are many things that a tourist can do in this place. One can visit the love wall, the Eiffel tower, watch a film…

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