Animal Jam Little Known Glitches On Various Locations Throughout Game

Animal jam is a really fun game to indulge in. It is quite addictive as the player is engrossed in another world altogether. That being said, let’s jump right in to the topic at hand, which is the secret rooms. There are about eight secret rooms in the game that I was able to discover, all done without using any cheats like on here.

  1. First off we have Coral canyons, with lots of wildlife and plants to keep you glued to the screen. Itss a good place to let your eyes run free, all you have to do is climb atop the bridge.
  2. Sarepia forest is next on the list, it offers a peaceful environment as compared to the other busier areas, it is located above the pine trees, you just need to go to the theater for popcorn and movies.
  3. Mt Shiveer, as the only ice themed area in jamaa you’ll definitely want to give it a visit and try out the ice rink. It is in this ice themed environment that you’ll find the highest peak in the game.
  4. Next up is jamaa township, as it is a basic starting point for most players to begin playing thus it is packed but it is a really good place to make new buddies.
  5. The newest area in the game, the kimbara outback. This location is modeled after the real Australian outback which should be a delight for most jammers to explore in.
  6. The Lost Temple of Zios is a cool place to visit, having a rich history of jamaa. You can check out the chamber of knowledge to see more.
  7. Crystal sands, as the name suggests it is a lovely beach getaway. For a real treat be sure to check out the aquarium, it is located near all oceans.
  8. Appondale is an interesting location which has lots of wild animals for your viewing pleasure and also a conservation museum after which you could go swim in the mud pit for a bit of fun.

Jean Phillipe • August 28, 2016

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