French Inspired My Singing Monsters Decoration

Decorations in My Singing Monsters could be bought from the Market and used to decorate your island. This in turn, could increase the happiness of the monsters living in it. As your monsters are surrounded with decorations inspired by French, their happiness levels increase depending on the set range. All these decorations can be had for free by using the My Singing Monsters hack. Read on to find out what decorations would best suit your monsters.

1. Fire Bush
A fire-colored plant that is long and thin. It also has fire-colored leaves growing from it. In the ground where it comes from, lush green leaves appear. The Noggin, Shrubb, and Fwog are among the few who likes it.

2. Meldablend
This looks like a warped djembe and a bore instrument that is curved and has fingering holes. It has two bells in it having light fixtures. It could let out a percussive thump which sounds pretty much like a djembe. The Mammot, Congle, and Bellowfish likes this.

3. Reflecting Pool
This decoration looks like metal basin filled with water and is small. It is mounted in a stand wrapped with green vines that are thick. The Oaktopus, Fwog, and Tweedle would definitely love to be around this.

4. Stritch Skin
This decoration is pretty much like an animal hide that is dried on a stretched frame. Actually, this decoration is also a living organism that just suspends itself in the frame. The Mammott, Drumpler, and Spunge’s happiness could increase being beside this decoration.

5. Wild Bagpipe
This decoration looks like a collection of chanters of bagpipe that are coming out of the ground. They are tied together by a vine. This decoration also makes a sound that resembles a rapid arpeggio being generated on pan pipes. You might want to place a Toe Jammer, Potbelly, and Maw beside this decoration.

Jean Phillipe • May 31, 2015

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