How to Recruit Members to your Clan Like a Pro

Clans are an integral part of Clash Royale. Players must reach level three to be able to join a clan. Being a part of a clan is of great help to the player for learning how to play the game, receiving advice from other players on difficult parts of the gameplay and competing with members of the other clans to increase their skill level.

Once you join a clan, or start one of your own for 2000 gold coins, its time to start recruiting new members to join your team and increase your strength. Here’s how to go about it and number 2 and 3 were contributed by ClashRoyaleTips.net:

1. You need to reach the level of a co-leader, which is the second level of promotion within a clan. As co-leader, you will have the power to kick elders (the first level of promotion) of the clan, as well as accept or recruit new members and change the game settings if you so desire.

2. Invite your friends to play the game. Tell them about the game using social media posts as well as gaming forums. In the beginning, it is more important to have allies who will remain loyal to you and make a strong base to build the clan upon instead of going after more skilled players. Once your clan develops a reputation for hosting loyal and helpful players, other new members will be attracted to your clan and wish to join as well.

3. Lay down the law. Establish a set of rules that the members of your clan must obey in order to remain a member of the group. This helps bolster the organizational structure of the group while lending discipline to the members. Encourage new members to take an active role within the clad.

4. Discourage behavior among the recruits that hurts the clan, such as clan hopping, or quarrels breaking out within the group. This will help maintain your clan’s reputation as a place for serious players, and encourage more experienced and valuable players to join as well.

Jean Phillipe • August 21, 2016

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