Must Have Raiding Knowledge for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is an amazing video game that is taking the video game industry by storm. With tons of gorgeous graphics and outstanding performance, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is truly here to stay. So read on to find out more about tips and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats for raids in this amazing game.

Kill the Brute

You have to kill the brute, stun another one, deal with another brute, and hurt the captain. And you will have to get your damage dealer out somehow. This can be done in the event that you have decent health and are in any no-win situation down the road. Your power to debuff is also important, and you should manage to taunt over time. You should also avoid any stun on the captain, as these things will not work on him in any way. And try to make the captain use his summon or revive ability.

Shoot the Door

You must also shoot the door contraption in the next phase so you can lower this door on any dudeĀ“s head, and this will give you a bonus. So you should keep this in mind at all times as well. Yoda will be money if you`re starting in this round, but you will not get too much money in the famous phase one. In addition, you should not worry about a potential retreat, so you should keep pushing to make the most damage that you can do in this game.

Retreat Squad

You have to retreat your squad to avoid being owned. You will be able to save your most important Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes characters if you know how to flee, and you should pay close attention to this tips as well. And you should lock in the attempt as well. You can also use Yoda against Rancor. To try stuff out, get each member of your guild to do something with team compositions. Your Star Wars: GoH heroes sucking in PvP will shine in any raid too. So your rosters should have all the diversification that you can muster.

The rancor and guards use tons of skills, and you should read each one of them.

As you can see, these tips for raids in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will allow you to have tons of fun down the road, and you will have a blast in no time as well. Remember that you should kill the brute, and the captain should get some kind of damage from you as well.

Jean Phillipe • August 1, 2016

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